Testimonials - for the Journey of Loss... Discovery of Hope Series

"Journey of Loss...Discovery of Hope" is a beautifully produced... video that presents realistic stories of loss, grief reactions and faith-based efforts to cope with bereavement. Laypersons are effectively utilized to describe their loss experiences, and grief therapists and clergy provide sound advise to assist the recently bereaved. The video is highly recommended to those that assist with the grief process: psychotherapists, grief counselors, houses of worship, and funeral homes and mortuaries."

Martin Kenigsberg, Ph.D., ABPP, FAACP,
Clinical Psychologist

"What a fabulous video!   I had tears in my eyes... I was so impressed...

Journey of Loss... Discovery of Hope meshes the experience of loss and grief with a new way of understanding that tells us our loved ones are still present... Merging those two ideas - one constituting the necessity of healthy grieving, with the other which communicates the truth that we're not alone, is such a good, vital and needed message... It opens peoples' eyes to the other possibilities. In short, this production gives hope to death."
Debra Vajcner, LMFT, CAMFT
Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist/EMDR Specialist

...This is an extremely powerful tool to assist people in their own grief process...

What touched me the most in the entire video, was the diversity of different faiths and backgrounds that was gently and simply conveyed by the united bond of humanity. Grief was what everyone was experiencing and that was captured brilliantly in your presentation. My hats off to all who produced this great tool. To me, it comes from the heart, not the head, and that's where true transformation begins. I'm so grateful that it is a vehicle that will unite our world instead of divide....

I am going to pass the video on to our local hospice director and head nurse... this gentle tool will provide many people the ability to work with their losses... Awareness is what we find when we wake up. It is a great way to wake up to the fact, we all suffer and grieve in our own ways, but ultimately, be are all united by our pain in loss.

...We plan on watching it several more times, because anything good needs more than one time through... I'm confident the birthing pains of this project will result in helping many people in our world.
Al Kolman, Wyoming
Hospice Volunteer

Your video came last week, and my wife and I sat down to view it carefully last night. I have to say it's a wonderful piece of artistic work, sensitive, emotional, hopeful, and honest...

It's interesting how it progresses, from loss through grieving, through an explanation of the process to a hopeful conclusion which shows how those on the other side are still with us. It covers everything and its honesty and hopefulness set it apart from anything else I have seen in the field. It doesn't pull back either from the pain (tears) or from the mystical (street light!). It's all there. It's a marvelous job...

Rev. John Sloat, Pennsylvania
Retired Presbyterian Pastor

I just finished watching your video.

The only thing I could think of when it was over was, "I want more!" This truly is an incredible piece of work. Intensely raw, yet overpowering in its message.
Walda Woods
Author - "The Afterlife Dialogues:  One Woman's Personal Journey Through Grief"

I have viewed it twice already.... the whole package is presented in a very compassionate & genuine format that would appeal to anyone who has suffered through this ordeal. It's easy to identify with the people in the video, as they are so real...

I think it conveys a very hopeful & encouraging message, just what people who are struggling with the death of someone close to them need. Of course, I cried hearing the heart wrenching stories, but then I saw that initial devastation replaced by a faith that our loved ones will be with us always, that this life is not the end all, but just the beginning. Your subjects are almost glowing with a sense of peace & contentment. In just 30 minutes time,you've covered the gamut from despair through a positive healing process to the eternal love & hope that God offers to us all. I think it's a beautiful production. I could have used this about eight years ago, but I find it very beneficial even now. I know several people who would also find it very comforting & I will share it with them.
Judy Ganz, Wisconsin

On behalf of all of us here at Marquette, I send warm congratulations to you and your colleagues at the Journeys Project on receiving a Silver Telly Award for the video you produced, Journey of Loss, Discovery of Hope. This is most certainly an affirmation of the group's commitment to producing a quality product that will be helpful to people going through a difficult time. I understand that a Telly Award is a prestigious one, so all the more reason to be proud of this accomplishment. Congratulations indeed!
Robert A. Wild, S.J.
Marquette University


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